There are hundreds of options out there for your Car Insurance, but some of them are just a joke.  One of Australia’s major supermarket chains got reprimanded just the other day for telling their potential clients that they would save them money when all they were doing is cutting down the values of the vehicles and or increasing the excess.  Direct insurers fight for market share and use every trick under the sun to try to lure you in as a client.

So what do you get through us, the Cheapest Car Insurance? The Best Cover in the market? Guaranteed savings? No, we never promise to have any of these things.  We just promise honesty, a good competitive price for a cover that you understand and has been explained to you.  We promise not to use funny marketing trick or twist our words to get your business.  We are brokers, and we keep the bastards honest. So if you want an honest quote without all the hoo haa, get a quote below or contact one of our friendly staff to get a quote for you.